Privacy Statement

Zalesia complies with privacy laws and obeys the relevant regulations. The privacy statement is as follows.
This privacy statement is applied from the enforcement date. And, according to law and policy, if there is any amendment, we will notify the amendment

1. Purpose of the processing of personal information

We use the collected information of users for the following purposes. If our purposes change, we are going to ask for prior consent.

  • Purpose
  • Offer customer service and information about training session and seminar to identify attendees and communicate with them
  • Method of Collection
  • Online collection
  • Article
  • Name, contact number, e-mail address, company, department of company, position of company
  • Whether to store
  • O

2. Processing of personal information and holding period

When we achieve our purpose of processing of personal information, we dispose of the information.

  • Classification
  • Registration of training session, registration of seminar, Q&A board.
  • Article
  • Name, contact number, e-mail address, company, department of company, position of company.
  • Holding period
  • Until end of our service.

3. Providing third parties the information

Zalesia processes the user’s personal information in accordance with the provision of Article 1. We won’t offer and process the information without obtaining the individuals’ consent. On the other hand, the exception will apply if it needs to criminal investigation according to Act on the Protection of Personal Information section 18 schedule 2.

4. Consignment of processing of personal information

While contracting on consigned, we will follow the privacy laws which is prohibited to offer third parties. And we store the contents of contract via paper document and electronic document. If we change our providers, we will notify this information.

5 User’s right and obligation to exercise one’s right.

Users can exercise their right as follows.

① Lookup request of their own information

② Amendment or deletion request of their misinformation

③ After confirming identification, request of perusing, amending, deleting for the personal information is possible via inquiry call and email.

④ When users request to amend their information, we won’t offer the personal information until processing completed.

⑤ If users request to delete or close the privacy information, we will handle their request according to processing and holding period of privacy law section 2.

6. The personal information processed

Essential information: Name, contact number, e-mail address, company, department of company, position of company

7. Procedures of dispose of the personal information

If holding period of the personal information is expired or our processing purpose is achieved, we dispose of the user’s personal information immediately. However, there is the exception, we must extend user’s information according to the other laws.

  • ① Procedures of disposition

    After achieving our purpose, we will dispose of the personal information. When it moved to DB, it won’t use the other purpose.

  • ② Disposition period and method

    If holding period is expired according to the privacy laws section 2 or abolition of service, the personal information will delete to be irrecoverable permanently.

8. Securing safety of personal information

We are considering a technical countermeasure to prevent lost, stolen, exposure, falsification or damage.

  • ① Safety management of the personal information.

    We put in extra effort which is installment of security program to prevent exposure and damage of the personal information via hacking and computer virus. And we install a system in access control from external area to monitor and prevent.

  • ② Access control to processing system of the personal information.

    Through allowing, changing, and canceling authorization to access the system of processing personal information, we restrict external unauthorized access.

  • ③ Management of staff who handles the personal information.

    We designate the management of staff at least and have a staff training about management of the personal information.

9. The method of help about violation right

To help infringement of personal data, users can sign up for consultation and solution of conflict in Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee and Korea Network Information Center of Reporting Infringement of Personal Data Center. If you have more information about these problems, please contact as follows.

  • ① Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee or reporting infringement of personal data center: 02-2100-2499, (without a telephone exchange number)118
  • ② ePRIVACY Mark Committee: 02-550-9531-2
  • ③ Cyber Investigation section of Supreme (Public) Prosecutors’ Office: (without a telephone exchange number)1301
  • ④ Cyber Security section of National Police Agency: (without a telephone exchange number)182

10. Contact of personal information protection’s sectoral chief and the person in charge

  • ① Chief of the personal information protection: Consulting department, James Kim
  • ② The person in charge of personal information
    – Department name: General Affairs
    – The person in charge: Yuseon Kim
    – Contact number: 02-544-5150
    – E-mail address:

11. Amendment of processing personal information

This privacy law will be applied from May 1st, 2017. And if there is any amendment, we will notify users 7 days before implement of amendment